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Wedge Wire Technical Questions

Wedge wire is a very simple but extremely effective sieve screen and filter design which widely used in screening, filtration, dehydration, and declining operations for sieving and filtration.

What is Wedge Wire

Wedge wire screen is a metal V-shape mesh element widely used in screening, filtration, dehydration and desliming operations for sieving and filtration. 

The wedge wire screen consists of surface profiles and support profiles. Surface profiles, usually v-shaped wires, are wrapped and welded onto support profiles. The distance between the surface profiles is controlled very accurately, as it forms the slot through which the filtrate flows. The direction of the flow is determined by the position of V-shaped wires (surface profiles) in relation to the support profiles. Wedge wires screens are either flow-out-to-in or flow-in-to-out.

When cleaning is eventually needed, it is a quick and simple process. Backflushing will remove most particles, while stubborn ones can be scraped out with a wire brush or similar implement. This can greatly reduce downtime in your facility, save on labor costs, and keep things more sanitary than other forms of filters.

Wedge Wire screen advantage

1.Uniform filter slots and high precision 

2. Wedge wire screen has a larger circulation area compared with other screens.

3. Excellent resistance to block and is easy to backwash (blow wash).

4. High mechanical strength and can withstand high-pressure drops.

5. Strong corrosion resistance and high-temperature resistance performances and can totally adapt to various harsh environments.

6. It maintains stable filtration accuracy and can be reused repeatedly and work reliably.

7. Less clogging, good dewatering

8. High strength, high durability

9. Broad flexibility in design

10.The best precision in the world

11. High strength, high durability

12. Maintainability

Wedge wire screen Applications

Being so versatile, our wedge wire sieve screens are used in many of our Dewatering & Separation, Filtration and Augers products.

Wedge wire is frequently utilized in numerous applications that require filtration. Water treatment, drinking water supply, the food and beverage industry, the oil and gas sector, mining, and the paper industry are just a few examples.

Specific Applications include:

Industrial water/wastewater treatment

Architectural Applications

Food Processing

Microbrewery Beer Tanks

Mineral Processing

Oil and Gas

Pulp and Paper Manufacturing

Water Reservoir Intakes

Wedge Wire screen products Types

Wedge wire screen forms may differ as well, coming in cylindrical, flat, and basket forms depending on the functionality of the end use.

Our wedge wire screens products can be individually adapted for each individual case – for example as centrifugal baskets, flat screen panelsscreen cylinders, sieve bends, and in each screening direction with all conceivable geometrical shapes, materials, dimensions as well as various profile shapes combined with different crossbars, depending on the requirements and application.

View more screen filter products here.

Wedge Wire price

Our wedge wire products pricing is competitive and cheaper than every other company we know. If you have concerns about the price, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Wedge Wire  specifications and testing

While numerous wedge wires have acute tolerances, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all wedge wire customers have the capacity to verify their final shape in order to authenticate that it meets both mechanical properties and corner/nose measurements. In most cases, trust is placed in the producer of the wedge wire, and that specification is being met.

So it’s crucial for buyers to situate themselves with a vendor who strictly adheres to the guidelines set by them and the screen designers.

As the specifications of screen wire continue to get tighter and tighter. Coming to a long-term understanding of all the factors that go into producing a successful wedge wire/profile bar is a critical factor too.

YUBO is a manufacturer of wedge wire products for more than 15 years, and Our clients are from various industries and countries around the world. 

Please feel assured to cooperate with us.

Wedge wire is custom as your projects

We are able to respond to customized wedge wire requests depending on the customer's needs. Also, we can give technical consultancy for your wedge wire projects.

Since a wedge wire filter can be custom, you can get the exact gap size you need for any application. Just let us know your specifications, and we’ll do the rest.

Wedge wire screen Manufacturer

YUBO – A Leading wedge wire screen Filters Products Manufacturer in China

We believe that our customer satisfaction comes first! In this manner, our wedge wire dimensions are defined only for your needs with competitive prices that you may not find anywhere else. In case of a problem, we would like to give technical support after and before the sale.

What Materials and Alloys are Used for Wedge Wire

Wedge Wire is very effective for separating and filtering solid materials from liquids. This can be crucial in numerous settings, but depending on the kind of application, the alloy and materials required can vary.

Filtering fluid in a market like the food and beverage industry, such as a microbrewery beer tank, may demand a different type of alloy than an application in the oil and gas market, like a well screen.

Alloy selection is key to the success of the end product. Thus, questions such as Is the screen being utilized in a caustic or high-temperature environment? Is weight a factor? Is there a need for a softer alloy that is more ductile, or is the preference for something that has high mechanical properties?

As a result, screens are manufactured using a wide range of different alloys depending on the end use. Wedge wires are manufactured out of carbon steel, red metals, stainless steel, aluminum, duplex grades, and various other high-performance alloys, including Inconel.

A typical popular selection is stainless steel wedge wire due to the wide variety of grades and, of course, price considerations on offer. After alloy selection, establishing the appropriate size for the application is the next phase of the process.

How to order wedge wire filters

  • Put forward purchase requirements

  • Provide product specifications

  • Design product drawings

  • Provide quotations

  • Custom production products

  • Delivery

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How to order wedge wire filters