Perforated Wire Mesh Filter Strainer

Item No.: 21
Perforated wire mesh Filter Strainer has the types of  Perforated Metal Mesh Filter Tubes, Perforated Metal Filter Basket and panel,etc.
Perforated wire mesh Filter Strainer is made from stainless steel wire mesh and a perforated metal layer together and also have the Multi-layer types Sintering Metal Filter-five layers- perforated layer, buffer layer, fine mesh, protective layer and filer layer. The above layers are sintered together to form a very sturdy and strong multi-layers filter mesh. The perforated metal as a reinforcement layer supports the filter structure, which has very high compressive and mechanical strength.
Perforated metal filter can supply fine filtration, meanwhile protect and preserve the filtration layer. It is well used in oil wells, where fine particles need to be filtered under extremely high-pressure conditions. Also used in food, beverage, water treatment, dust removing, pharmaceutical, polymer.

Features :
Accurate filtration accuracy.
High dirt holding capacity and flow rate.
Excellent resistance to alkali, acid, high temperature and wearing.
Perfect strength and durability.
Easy installation.
Low maintenance.
Smooth and beautiful welding line.

The porous wire mesh filter is widely used for liquid, gas, solid filtration, gas sample collection, the sound attenuation in many industries such as aerospace, petroleum, food, metallurgy, etc.
Used for gas distribution in the fluidized bed.
Used for washing and drying in pharmaceutical industry.
Used in water treatment and filtration of gas in the field of food and beverage.
Used for fine filtration of hydraulic oil or lubricating oil in the machinery industry.
Polymer filtration in the chemical industry.

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