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Backwash Self-cleaning Filter

The Backwash Self-cleaning Filter is an industrial automatic filter that provides a variety of comprehensive applications, especially for ships and offshore platforms.

Automatic Backwash  Self-cleaning Filter


Schematic diagram of the structure


Suctorial Type Backwash Filter


Suctorial Type Backwash Self-cleaning Filter Housing Brief Description


The suction backwash self-cleaning filter housing is an industrial automatic filter that provides a variety of comprehensive applications. 

The design of the pressure in the main part of the filter is based on the standard design of chemical pipe filters and steel pressure vessels.  The main body of the equipment is made of carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex steel, and other materials. We can also provide you with titanium, pure nickel, and other special materials.



Specification Parameters


Flow 1-5000M3/H
Precision 25-3000uM
Pressure 0-10.0Mpa
Valve Electric or pneumatic
Filter Standard GB150, HG/T21637
Filter element material 304.316, Hastelloy
Valve material CS, 304, 316, Hastelloy
Sealing material NBR, EPDM, rubber
Blowdown valve size DN25-DN200
Cleaning control Pressure difference and time
Backwash medium Filtered liquid
Small washing volume (L) 10-60
Cleaning time (s) 30-60(Could be set)

Product Advantage


1. The suction backwash filter adopts a multi-layer mesh filter element structure, which can maximize the effective filtering area; 

2. High-efficiency backwash technology, combined with the laser welding technology, the filter is especially suitable for the sea and ships.

3. In addition to satisfying the flow rate of normal design, a set of spare filter elements is added. When cleaning is required, the spare filter element is started, so it will not affect the pipe resistance. 

4. The cleaning assembly is in the form of sucking up and down, which maximizes the cleaning of impurities in the shortest time.

5. Clean the gasket at the rotating shaft and filter element faceplate, and have an automatic adjustment function according to the wear, so as to minimize the side leakage.


Product application


● Water and sewage

● Pulp and Paper

● Chemicals

● Petrochemicals

● Steel

● Nonferrous metal

● Plastic extrusion

● Machine coolant filtration

● Construction sector