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Stainless Steel Water Filter Nozzle

Item No.: 61
Stainless Steel filter nozzles are used widely in down-flow reactors for liquid/solid or gas/solid separation. The liquid or gas can flow through the nozzles while the solids are retained in the vessel by the nozzles.

Our stainless steel wedge wire filter nozzle is manufactured from stainless steel material or custom material. The stainless steel filter nozzle features non-clogging, high filtering efficiency, and is economical. It has a wide range of applications in water treatment applications. The different wedge wire sizes and slot sizes can suit different class filtration. So we provide customer service.

Such as a stainless steel filter nozzle Specifications :

Slot (mm) Dimension Flow Rating (M3/H)
D(mm) H(MM) L(MM) Thread Fittings
YUBO-0.5 0.25 45 45 90/request  
G, PT, Z,
SS Gasket, Rubber gasket, Nut, or as your requirement
YUBO-1.0 0.25 53 45 90/request 1.0
YUBO-1.5 0.25 57 45 90/request 1.5
YUBO-2.0 0.25 57 55 100/request 2.0
YUBO-2.5 0.25 70 55 100/request 2.5
YUBO-3.0 0.25 70 70 120/request 3.0
  • All the above size are the normal size. Customized size is possible.
  • YUBO could help to design according to the application and requirement.
  • The nozzles customized range as below:
  1. Slot range: 0.05-2mm
  2. Dimension: Diameter, Screen Height, Length could produce according to actual requirement and application
  3. Thread, gasket, nut according to requirement

Advantages of stainless steel Wedge Wire Screen water Filter Nozzle:

1. Material: 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 2507, Hastelloy, etc as your requirements.
2. Continuous slot design provides an increased open area for better filtration.
3. Standard nozzles and the nozzle with Fittings can be suited for different equipment
4. Can be customed size as your requirement
5. The wedge wire screen is highly resistant to plugging.
7. High filtering performance.
8. Corrosion and rust resistance.
9. High-temperature resistance.
10. Economical and Easy to install and replacement.

Different Type of filter nozzle:

stainless steel filter nozzle for watertreatment

Application of Water Filter Nozzle

1. Wedge wire filter nozzles are effective in a wide range of water treatment and other industrial applications for filtering and screening. Such as underdrain media retention elements, flow distributors in demineralizers, water softeners in pressure, and gravity sand filters.
2. Except for filtering and screening applications, wedge wire nozzles have other applications. Just install several nozzles uniformly to be used as collectors at the bottom of the vessels.
3. By optimizing the ratio between the head loss of each component (open area and fitting) we can determine the optimum quantity of nozzles to ensure a perfect distribution or collection without channeling, wall effects, or dead zones.
wedge wire filter nozzle applicationwedge wire filter nozzle applicationwedge wire filter nozzle application

screen filter water nozzle