Wire Mesh Filter Disc

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Filter discs (sometimes referred to as pack screens or mesh discs) are made from woven wire sheets. The quality wire mesh filter discs from Yuanlv come in a variety of metal materials and are available in several sizes, styles, and thicknesses for virtual
Wire mesh filter disc, also known as stainless steel wire mesh filter disc, is the commonly used products. The filter disc is formed by cold stamping machine from stainless steel wire mesh, which is mainly made of SS 304, 316 or 316L material.
We produce Leaf Disc Filter in all kinds of forms. The disc is determined according to our customers’ specific requirements, such as the material, the wire diameter, the size of the mesh, width and length.

Feature for Stainless Steel Leaf Disc Filter:
1.high strength, long use life, strong resistance to corrosion, big use temperature range, no material breakaway off
2. big filter area, big flow, high porosity, fine permeability, strong ability to accept dirt, can clean and backwash.
3. wire mesh disc with metal frame/edge/brim:  Made of high quality metal wire mesh with electrolytic polishing, the surface of the edge is smooth and bright.
4. Customized: Filter discs are used widely in kinds of filters, we can customize according to customers' requirements.

Application for Stainless Steel Leaf Disc Filter:
Disc filter is mainly used to metallurgy , chemical industry , machine facture , papermaking , spinning , food medicine , livelihood , environmental protection etc. which involved oil , water filter industry,Raw oil , fuel oil , oil , kerosene , gasoline ,Lubricating oil , hydraulic oil ,machine oil , gear oil,aw water , sewage , plain water , reclaimed etc. clear filtering.

Specification of the Stainless Steel Leaf Disc Filter:
Mesh/Inch Wire Diameter(mm) Screen Thickness(mm)
105 0.075 0.14
120 0.08 0.15
150 0.06 0.115
165 0.05 0.095
180 0.045 0.085
200 0.04 0.1
230 0.036 0.085
250 0.036 0.088
270 0.035 0.083
300 0.03 0.07
325 0.028 0.065
350 0.03 0.06
400 0.023 0.040
450 0.023 0.042

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