Stainless Steel Medical Sterilization Baskets

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Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Sterilization Basket designed for sterilization and cleaning, multiple sizes available, perforated surfaces, stainless steel construction, transport, store, sterilize instruments; proudly made in China.

General specification of wire mesh sterilization basket for medical (in cm)
50*30*7  50*25*7  48*28*7  48*25*7  45*34*7
45*25*7  40*35*7  40*30*7  35*25*7  34*25*7
30*20*7  25*25*7  25*17*7  45*30*7  30*25*7
Material:  stainless steel wire mesh 304, 304L,316, 316L, through bending, spot welding, rolling circle, etc., and the surface treatment is carried out by the electrolytic polishing technology, and the surface is bright like a mirror.
Processing technology:

Wire Mesh Sterilization Basket
Micro-point resistance welding, point-to-point welding of the product, no obvious welding spot, no burr, no scratch, no shedding
The edge fold angle position all uses the point-to-point welding craft, the overall beauty is generous.
Surface treatment: electrolytic polishing, bright surface, long use, not easy to rust.

Product details:

The material is made of high quality stainless steel, soldering firmly, treated by electric polishing technology as a whole, bright body, never rust, beautiful and hygienic, acid and alkali resistance, good corrosion resistance.
Wire Mesh Sterilization Basket
1. The welding technology of micro-spot resistance welding and no spot butt welding is used to make the product have no protruding solder joint, no welding injury, no wool edge, no shedding and safe use.
2.Corrosion resistance, non-rust, non-toxic and tasteless, smooth surface does not scratch, no burr, strong and durable.
3.High finish, complete specifications: high finish, no surface treatment, convenient and simple maintenance, flat mesh, uniform thickness
4.Flat and free of burrs: the net surface is flat and free of burrs, and the structure is firm, durable, impact-resistant and wear-resistant.
5. Product size, shape, handle can be customized according to customer requirements

Medical disinfection, cleaning, medical and beauty industry, Operating room, disinfection room, laboratory, ambulance, food and fruit cleaning and disinfection, handicraft disinfection and draining, etc.

Stainless Steel Medical Sterilization Baskets for hospital