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Slaughterhouse Wastewater Filter Treatment

Almost all water used in slaughterhouses is precious tap water. Recycling most of the slaughterhouse wastewater after reuse can alleviate the shortage of water resources.
Slaughterhouse wastewater cannot be often discharged in the receiving body or in public sewage without a treatment.
Wastewaters have not always the same characteristics due to different types of treated meat as beef, horse meat, sheep meat, poultry, etc.
There is an important difference between slaughtering houses and a processing meat factory, especially for wastewater amounts and pollutant concentrations.

Slaughter wastewater is usually reddish-brown and has an unpleasant odor.
It contains large amounts of blood, oil, hair, meat, bones, internal organs, undigested food, feces, and other solids.

Recycling most of the slaughterhouse wastewater after reuse can alleviate the shortage of water resources.

The production process of the slaughterhouse is generally:

Livestock pens → Slaughter → Scalding or peeling → Anatomy → Taking offal → Refrigerated or shipped.

Wastewater is discharged in almost every process:

1.Before slaughter, the animal manure is drained daily.
2.Floor washing water containing blood and animal manure should be discharged from the slaughterhouse.
3.Discharge hot water with a lot of pig hair during scalding.
4.Dissecting workshop discharges gastrointestinal contents.
5.Dissecting workshop discharges gastrointestinal contents.
6.Domestic sewage in workshop sanitary equipment, boilers, office buildings, etc..

Slaughterhouse Wastewater Treatment Equipment use Wedge Wire Filter

Sewage enters the Johnson screen grid. Remove large debris, bloodstains, suspended matter, floats, and ribbons in sewage, prevent clogging of mechanical equipment such as sewage lift pumps, and greatly reduce the processing load of biochemical systems.
Johnson screen filter can be customized according to your requirements.

Wedge Wire Rotary Drum Screen also plays an important role in slaughterhouse sludge treatment.

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