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We have more than 10 years of manufacturing experience in industrial filtration. We have our own factory and engineer team. We have served Zhejiang Petrochemical, Tianjin Pharmaceutical, a Brazil FRP chemical plant, a university chemical laboratory, and a clay environmental protection company in the United States. The filter equipment we provide had been well received by customers.

More Industries
Coal Mine Coal Mine mine tailings
mineral concentrate
mineral processing
Food&Beverage Food&Beverage Beer, Red Wine
Drinks, juice
Chemical Chemical Adhesives,Gelatin,Resins
Colors, Pigments, Inks,Paint
Propellants, Explosives
Oil & Gas Oil & Gas LNG production
Gas processing
Fluids separate
Oil and gas refining
Water/Wastewater Treatment Water/Wastewater Treatment

sea water, wastewater treatment,cooling water, ballast water...

Viscous Liquid Filtration Viscous Liquid Filtration

milk, fruit juice, Honey, molasses ,and melted chocolate, Peanut butter, jam,caramel, Peanut butter, jam, and caramel...

Solid-liquid separation Solid-liquid separation

Powder, dust, slag, coal mine, oil, gas, impurities, microorganisms

News And Events
What Is the False Bottom in A Lauter Tun?
A lauter tun false bottom, also known as a lauter tun screen, is a perforated plate or screen located at the bottom of the lauter tun. It serves as a filter to separate the liquid wort from the spent grain during lautering. The false bottom typically consists of either stainless steel or plastic, and its design includes numerous small holes or slots, allowing the wort to flow through while retaining the grain bed above it.
Wedge Wire Cylinder Screen Manufacturer 2024
We are the best wedge wire screen manufacturer and supplier in 2024. We provide various types and sizes of wedge wire cylinder screens suitable for solid, liquid, and gas filtration.
Lauter Tun vs Mash Tun
In the intricate world of brewing, the equipment used plays a crucial role in determining the beer's final flavor, aroma, and mouthfeel. Two essential components in the brewing process are the Lauter Tun and the Mash Tun. While both are integral to the mashing stage, they serve distinct purposes, contributing unique characteristics to the brewing journey.
Wedge Wire Water Softener System Nozzle Filter
Wedge wire nozzle filters are used in water softening systems to reduce the concentration of calcium and magnesium ions in the water. When applied to water softener systems, wedge wire nozzles play a crucial role in maintaining efficiency and extending the lifespan of the entire system.
About Us
We are a leading manufacturer of industrial filtration solutions and wedge wire screen filter strainer products. We have been designing and producing wedge wire screens and filter housings for industry filtration and screening. Now our wedge wire products include wedge wire screen flat panels, water filter nozzle, DSM Sieve Bend, Header Lateral systems, cylindrical, filter baskets, filter discs, filter housings, etc.
Factory&Exporter Factory&Exporter

Factory production, direct transportation to export, helping customers save intermediate costs

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Custom Design Custom Design

A team of engineers and designers, customized design filters according to different industry applications

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Industrial Processing Industrial Processing

No matter industry, we have industrial filters that fit.

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