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Self Cleaning Filter

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Self cleaning filter, also called self cleaning strainer, automatic self cleaning filter, is an innovative industrial filtration unit to help you easily remove contaminants from your needed liquid.
A self-cleaning filter, also called a self-cleaning strainer, automatic self-cleaning filter, is an innovative industrial filtration unit to help you easily remove contaminants from your needed liquid. It has a unique self-cleaning system design to allow continuous flow without downtime.

Self-cleaning strainer mainly consists of a drive motor, a reusable screen filter element, and stainless steel brush for brushing type or suction nozzles for suction type. Among the filter element options include wedge wire filter element, wire mesh filter element, sintered mesh filter element, and perforated mesh filter element.

With excellent corrosion resistance, the self-cleaning filter is a highly versatile machine to filter effectively from chocolate and honey to water and oil. We commonly supply several types, such as self-cleaning water filters, self-cleaning air filters, self-cleaning oil filters.

Our automatic self-cleaning filters are available in the filtration rating of 50-3000 micron, which you can pick depending on your liquid filtering condition. Certainly, your special micron rating need is always permitted, please consult our technicians.

No matter for the high or low flow rate of your application, Our self-cleaning filter will be your best candidate with a wide range of flow rates from 15m3/hr to 4200m3/hr. Moreover, it can adopt both vertical and horizontal installation types to meet most installation space and requirements.

You can choose both differential pressure control and PLC timing control two types for the self-cleaning process of the automatic self-cleaning filter. When reaches your set time or differential pressure typically around 7psi, it will clean itself in 12-18 seconds.

Compared to conventional manual cleaning filters, our self-cleaning filters can offer an uninterrupted filtration process to improve production efficiency. Therefore, it is a cost-effective option that can easily replace the simplex or duplex manual strainers.

Self-cleaning filters benefit a variety of applications like petrochemical, pulp, and paper, irrigation system, power plants… Furthermore, we arrange a production line to meet strict health and safety regulations of food&beverage or pharmaceutical industries.

We recommend you install Filson self-cleaning filter at the place where close to the pressure source, ensuring proper pressure of the inlet for normal use. Standard working pressures of the self-cleaning filters are 1.0Mpa, 1.6Mpa, 2.5Mpa, or other unique selections upon your need.

In addition, even you have an urgent or large quantity order, we are capable of satisfying your needs with our sufficient self-cleaning filter inventory. And OEM pricing is available upon quantity purchase agreements.

We can also provide customized service according to your drawings. Or you may just send us your independent flow rate, working pressure, temperature, and micron rating requirements, we will assist you to design the most suitable self-cleaning filter.

Self Cleaning Filter Working Principle:
The Filtration Process
The liquid enters the filter body from the inlet and then passes through the screen filter element inside to start the filtration process. Various dirt, particles in the liquid will build up gradually on the inner screen surface to cause a filter cake, with an increased differential pressure across the screen. Typically, when the inside pressure reaches to the pre-set value of 0.05Mpa(7 psi), the control system will receive the signal, the self-cleaning process begins.

The Self Cleaning Process
At the beginning of self-clean, the flushing valve will be opened with a portion of filtered liquid(less than 1%) reenters the filter body. In 12-18 seconds, the motor may drive suction nozzles(for suction scanning type) or stainless steel rotating brush(for brushing type) to efficiently remove the contaminants deposited on the screen surface. During the entire self-cleaning period, the normal filtration part will be continuous with very low flow rate fluctuation.

Self Cleaning Filter Features:
Wide flow rate range with a high filtration rating
Large dirty holding capacity for longer service life
Superior raw material for high filtration performance
Low maintenance without frequent replacement
The uninterrupted production process to save downtime
Self-cleaning ability without any manual operation

Self Cleaning Filter Specifications:
Raw material: SS 304, SS 316L, 2205, CS, nickel, titanium alloy
Filtration rating:50-3000 micron
Single unit flow: 15-4200m3/h
Working pressure: 0.25-2.5Mpa
Cleaning differential pressure: 7psi (0.05Mpa)
Operating temperature: 0-65℃
Connection type: flange
Self-cleaning time: 12-18 seconds
Self-cleaning flow: <3% of filtration liquid flow
Control method: differential pressure control, PLC timing control

Self Cleaning Filter Applications:
Pulp and paper industry
Water&Wastewater treatment
Primary metal industry
Power plant
Petrochemical industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Irrigation system