About Us

Welcome to Hebei YUBO Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd.

YUBO – A Leading Industrial Filtration Solution and Filters Products Manufacturer in China

We are a leading manufacturer of industrial filter housings and wedge wire screen filter strainer products. Since its inception, we have been designing and producing wedge wire screens and filter housings for industry filtration, filtering, and screening. Now our wedge wire screen products include wedge wire screen flat panels, water filter nozzle, DSM Sieve Bend, Header Lateral systemscylindrical, filter baskets, filter discs, stainless steel self cleaning filter housings, etc. Industrial filtration products can meet the needs of industrial filtration, filtering and screening in chemical, coal mine, gas oil, wastewater treatment, viscous liquid, etc. 

Our Advantages:

Meeting Industrial Filtration Needs

Wedge wire screen filter products have a wide range of applications in lots of fields. They can be used as vibrating screen panels, floors, and decorative material. They have more applications in mine, coal, chemical, food, and water treatment applications for filtering, screening, and sizing. The different shapes and types of wedge wire screens can suit more machines, including carbon filters, ion exchange, desulfurized, molecular sieves, gas sweeteners, and lauter tuns.

Advanced Technology

In order to design the new product and reduce the cost to meet customers' requirements, we have our own technical team and more advanced equipment. Our modern machinery and experienced team of engineers and designers can provide optimal filtration solutions for your industry.

High Quality Products Custom
We know how important quality is to the customers, the low-quality product can make the customers disappointed and they will lose the faith in a company. So we are committed to providing superior quality products to ensure the maximum performance and efficiency of their work. 

One-stop Purchase Service

Filtration solution design, drawing design, filter products custom, production and processing, quality inspection, transportation, after-sales, and one-stop service, we have our own designers and factories, which can provide one-stop service, save intermediate costs, and better serve customers.


We not only provide a variety of high-quality filtration products for various industries but also customize higher-efficiency filtration solutions for your industry.