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Header and Hub Lateral

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The wedge wire hub lateral water distributor is designed for industrial or commercial water treatment and wastewater treatment systems. And the hub lateral is suitable for diameters from 8 "to 96" pressure vessel.
Header Lateral Screen
Header Lateral system is designed for effective media retention in a wide range of applications. Connected to either a central header pipe or hub, these assemblies consist of a series of screen laterals that allow a uniform collection and/or distribution through treatment media.

They easily accommodate a wide variety of vessel sizes and shapes with side-, center-, top- or bottom-inlet piping and can be designed to handle flow in any direction.

wedge wire Header and Hub Lateral
Header Lateral Screens
“ Versatile “ is the best single-word description of a Header and Hub Lateral system.

These assemblies, which consist of a series of screen laterals attached to either a central header or hub, allow designers to provide uniform flow through treatment media at a wide range of rates and for a variety of vessel sizes and shapes.

A typical vessel would use a header lateral assembly at the top to distribute inflow evenly across the bad surface. A second assembly, located near the vessel bottom, could collect the treated flow and pass it either through the vessel sidewall or – by attaching the laterals to a central hub – out the vessel bottom. For counter-current flow, a similar distribution and collection system can be designed.

Several available design options can be chosen to achieve a uniform, controlled rate flow, and collection. The number and spacing of laterals, for example, can be varied. Slot size can be any width from 0.05 mm up in 0.03 mm increments. Diameters of laterals and headers can also vary. To deal with particular process chemistry or condition, the screen assemblies can be made from nearly any weldable metal including several grades of stainless steel and exotic alloys.

wedge wire Header and Hub Lateral
Assemblies are typically made with Type 304 stainless steel but other weldable metals can also be used.
Laterals can be any diameter from 12.7 mm up.
Laterals can attach to headers or hubs by any desired method including threaded fittings, couplings, or flanges.
Lateral spacing, length, diameter, and slot opening size are based on individual system needs.
Perforated pipelines can be used inside screen laterals for increased collapse resistance and enhanced flow distribution.
Slots are as small as 0.05 mm and up in 0.03 mm increments.
Quality documentation is available charts, mill certificates, welding procedure specifications, and various other reports and certifications.
Treatment before and after fabrication is available, including passivation, pickling stress relieving, polishing, and plating.

stainless steel Header and Hub Lateral
Custom solutions are also available.
Vessel Internals
Johnsons Vee Wire vessel internals for ion exchange process End to your media loss and breakdown problems.
Enhances Efficiency
Ability to withstand high load & pressure
Longer Life as compared to Non-Metallic Vessel internals
Efficient Backwash
Higher open area reduces pressure drop
Reduces maintenance and shutdown costs
Readily adaptable technology for a number of water treatment processes such as Softening & Ion exchange, Demineralization, and many others. These are used to collect & distribute treating liquids, retain treatment media, distribute the backwash flow, or filter solids.

Header and Hub Lateral
Header lateral
Header laterals can be used as distributors as well as collectors. The system is tailor-designed to suit the flow, pressure drop media size, and vessel ID. The base pipe, header, all fittings, and screen are SS 304/316L grades as per the customer requirement.