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Wedge Wire Screen Flow Rate and Cost

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Update time : 2022-03-30 13:48:52
Wedge wire screen is superior for retaining media, filtering, and sizing. In comparison with wire mesh and perforated metal, wedge wire continuous slot screens have a more open area, have very precise openings, are stronger and more durable, are virtually non-clogging, and reduce media abrasion. Wire mesh and perforated metal may be less expensive initially, but wedge wire screens offer easier installation and long-term operating and cost benefits.
The percent open area of the Wedge Wire Screen can be an important parameter when predicting flow capacity. The following equation can be used to calculate the percent of open area.
Open Area = ( Slot Opening / (Wire Width + Slot Opening)) × 100

How much does wedge wire cost?

Due to the near-infinite possible combinations of slot size, wire profile, wire length, rod profile and spacing, rod length, and alloy requirements for the immense variety of applications, wedge wire screens are all custom manufactured. Therefore, cost per unit varies widely and must be calculated on a per-job basis.


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