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Eco-R Filter Screen

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Update time : 2021-11-18 14:27:19
The ECO-R filter is used to filter agglomerates and contaminants from liquids, dispersions, emulsions, coating pigments, and coating colors.
The medium to be filtered is conveyed through the upper intake, through the sieve blades of the strainer basket, to the outlet at the bottom of the filter. The coarse particles stick to the outside of
the strainer basket.
The displacement body of the ECO-R filter reduces the working volume to allow optimum flow conditions. The dimensioning of the filter is based on the flow rate, type of impurities, and the viscosity and abrasiveness of the medium. Several filters can be interconnected to achieve the necessary capacities.
Our ECO-R FILTER SCREEN is more applied in the paper pulp industry, and the wedge wire screens offer excellent possibilities for optimizing your separation and filtration processes.
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