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It's Time to Replace Your Industrial Filters

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Update time : 2020-11-03 09:49:20
To ensure the purity of operational results, process water, and other substances must ever use the best industrial filters, such as wedge wire screen filter element. However, even the best-manufactured filters tend to become problematic over time due to old age, frequent usage, and an increasing amount of debris in the work environment. 
So you need to replace your industrial filters after a while.

Here are clear signs it's time to replace your filters soon.

1.Debris-Filled Vent Surfaces
Machine vents use industrial filters to prevent possible contamination of its internal parts and fittings. Debris inside machines accelerates their lifespan and reduces their functionality. If you're seeing vents with frequently debris-filled vent surfaces, then it's definitely time to consider replacing them as soon as possible.

2.Impure Results After Filtering
Process water and other chemical substances require special types of industrial filters to trap oils, lubricants, gases, and other unwanted elements to ensure purity and a 100% yield in your operational objectives. A faulty filter can become a huge conundrum for your logistics especially when your daily routines fail to meet your set daily objectives.

3. Increasing Utility Bills
Problematic filters will consume more energy trying to get rid of debris and other elements from your process water or aerated work environments. If you're seeing a huge spike in your energy bills, it's definitely time you considered replacing your filters as soon as possible before they become huge liabilities to both you and your business. 

4. Machines Frequently Breaking Down
Contaminated machine parts will cause your machines to break down unexpectedly at any time during the day. This is a clear sign that vents and filters in place are not doing the best job possible. Therefore, it's important to make sure you replace your filters immediately to avoid any hiccups in your daily operations and huge expensive machine repairs in the future. 

Industrial filtration requires the best manufacturer to deliver the most efficient results possible. No matter what industry, filtration is necessary. Stainless steel wedge wire screen is the best choose and material for the industry, especially the coal mine, paper mill, brewery, water/wastewater treatment, etc.

We have over 10 years in the wedge wire screen and filter element industry, we ensure success in all our projects. Contact us today if you are ready to replace the filters! 

It's Time to Replace Your Industrial Filters When These Obvious Signals Appear