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Resin Traps – Fluid Filtration High Filtering Efficient

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Update time : 2022-12-12 14:02:10
Resin Traps – Fluid Filtration High Filtering Efficient

Stainless steel resin traps are like the insurance you have on yourself, your business and your home.A resin trap is always there to protect you against losses.
Resin traps are designed and made to meet your specific needs. The plastics revolution has created many options for reliable and cost-effective construction. But even if you choose stainless steel or exotic alloy options, the savings you realise in terms of resin expense and system downtime will make the cost of your traps seem inexpensive indeed.

Wedge Wire Resin traps are ideal for a variety of application
1. Ion exchange columns with potential for anion or cation resin loss
2. Sand / carbon systems

Wedge Wire Resin traps Fluid Filtration High Filtering Efficient
Resin traps prevent:
1. Loss of expensive resins
2. Cross contamination of resins
3. Damage to pumps, valves, etc. further down process line
4. Costly downtime and process disturbance
5. Environmental damage

Our resin traps are designed to be simple and easy to install.

Custom dimensions are also available upon request.

Materials for Resin Trap housing are stainless steel 304,34L,316,316l, and other alloys are available upon request.

Contact us today and discover how to wedge wire resin trap filters have High Filtering Efficient.