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What Is a Drum Screen for Wastewater Treatment?

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Update time : 2023-09-15 11:07:27
Drum Screen for Wastewater Treatment

Drum Screen for Wastewater Treatment

A drum screen, also known as a rotary screen or drum screen filter, is a mechanical screening device used in wastewater treatment plants. It consists of a cylindrical drum that is typically made of stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant materials. The drum is mounted horizontally, and wastewater flows into it. Inside the drum, there is a rotating screen or sieve that filters out solids from the wastewater.
Main Structure: Wedge Wire Screen/Johnson Screen
Application: Wastewater treatment in industries
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How Does a Wastewater Treatment Drum Screen Work?

1. Inflow of Wastewater: Wastewater containing suspended solids and debris enters the drum screen.
2. Screening Process: As the drum rotates, the wastewater is evenly distributed along its length. The screen or sieve within the drum has a certain mesh size that allows water to pass through while retaining solids. The solids are trapped on the inside surface of the drum.
3. Solids Collection: As the drum continues to rotate, the solids build up on the screen's inner surface. A scraper or brush mechanism removes the collected solids from the screen's surface and deposits them into a collection bin or conveyor.
4. Clean Water Outlet: The cleaned wastewater, now free of most solid contaminants, exits the drum through an outlet at the other end.
5. Continuous Operation: Wedge wire drum screens are designed for continuous operation, ensuring a consistent flow of treated wastewater.
Rotary Screen Drum

Applications of Drum Screens in Wastewater Treatment

Applications of Drum Screens in Wastewater Treatment

Drum screens are versatile devices used in various stages of wastewater treatment processes. 
▪ Primary Screening: Drum screens are often used as the first line of defense in wastewater treatment plants. They remove large debris, such as sticks, leaves, plastics, and other solids, preventing them from entering downstream treatment processes.
▪ Industrial Wastewater Treatment: Many industries generate wastewater with high solids content. Our wedge wire drum filters effectively remove these solids before further treatment or discharge.
▪ Pretreatment: In municipal wastewater treatment, Our wedge wire screens are used as a pretreatment step to protect pumps, pipelines, and other equipment from damage caused by large solids.
▪ Sludge Thickening: Drum screens can also be used for sludge thickening, where they concentrate the solids content of sludge before dewatering.

In the world of wastewater treatment, drum screens are unsung heroes.
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