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Wedge Wire Screen Professional Knowledge

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Update time : 2021-02-23 14:03:03
Wedge wire screen, also known as Johnson mesh screen, is mainly divided into two types: Screen tube and Screen plate. The wedge wire screen filter element is composed of a wedge-shaped or "V"-shaped stainless steel profile wire and a stainless steel support rod. The smooth surface of the filter element is the filter surface, and the gaps are strips. As the best filter element for various forms of automatic filters (such as automatic backwashing, scraper self-cleaning, scraper self-cleaning, and suction self-cleaning filters), it is widely used in fluid filtration in various industries. It is widely used in the filtration of the petrochemical industry, coal mine, well drilling, sewage treatment, food, pharmaceutical, papermill, environmental protection, etc.
Structural principle: The stainless steel wedge wire screen filter is a metal mesh-shaped structural element used for screening and filtering. It has high strength, rigidity, and load-bearing capacity, and can be made into a rigid screening and filtering device of various shapes.

Product Features
1. The continuous gap greatly increases the flow area, so it can be in good contact with the aquifer.
2. The V-shaped screen bar structure forms a wedge-shaped gap to avoid clogging and ensure smooth circulation.
3. Long service life, continuous pores can be used effectively for a long time, Reduced maintenance costs.
4. The wedge wire filter pipe has a strong structure, high porosity, and precise gap size.
5. The wedge wire filter tube is easy to backwash, has a long service life, reliable quality, and low overall cost.

wedge wire screen Professional information
Note: Material: SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L, SS321, 904, C276, 2205, 2207, Hastelloy, etc.

1. Radial Slots
flow direction: outside to inside
wedge wire screen filter
2. Axial Slots,
flow direction: outside to inside
filter element flow direction
3. radial slots,
flow direction: inside to outside
wedge wire radial slots
4. axial slots,
flow direction: inside to outside
Johnson screen axial solts
5. flow direction: inside to outside  
special design: inverse welding
wege wire filter flow direction

Enhanced form
Ring reinforcement (round steel or square steel)
wedge wire screen Ring reinforcement
2. Lined pipe
wedge wire filter pipe Lined pipe
3. Longitudinal stiffener (welded flat steel)
filter tube Longitudinal stiffenerfilter pipe Longitudinal stiffener

Connection Type
1.  Threaded connection
The threaded connection has two connection types: external thread and internal thread, and there are multiple thread connection types, such as M, G, NPT (N), and Wyeth thread, which can be made according to customers' needs.
2. Flange connection

Product features
Gap (mm): 0.02-0.5, can be made according to customer requirements
The opening rate is up to 30%.
The maximum length is 6 meters
OD :  φ20mm to φ1250mm

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