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How Does A Static Screen Work?

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Update time : 2023-12-08 13:25:36
Static screen also known as sieve bend screen or run down screen is a curved, slotted wedge wire screen used for solid-liquid separation. 

The wedge wire static screen is commonly used in mining, water treatment, and food processing to dewater, size, or separate materials. The design of a sieve bend is distinct from flat, horizontal screens and contributes to its effectiveness in various applications.

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Here's how a static screen works:

1. Curved Screen Design:
The defining feature of a static screen is its curved or arc-shaped design. The screen surface is created by wrapping wires around support rods curvedly. This curvature allows the sieve bend to operate with gravity, as the liquid-solid mixture flows over the curved surface.
2. Slot Openings:
The static screen is made up of slotted openings. Depending on the specific application and the desired separation or filtration requirements, these openings can vary. The size of the slots determines what size particles can pass through the screen and what is retained.
3. The Flow of Material:
The material, often a slurry or a mixture of liquid and solid particles, is introduced at the top of the static run-down screen. Due to gravity, the material flows over the curved surface. The liquid component of the mixture passes through the slots in the sieve bend, while the solid particles are retained on the screen.
4. Dewatering and Separation:
The curved profile of the sieve bend assists in dewatering the material. As the liquid passes through the screen, the solids are left behind, forming a cake or layer on the screen surface. This dewatering process is crucial in applications where separating water from solids is necessary.
5. Ease of Maintenance:
The screens are designed to withstand heavy loads and abrasive materials. The curved screen design also reduces wear and extends the life of the screen.
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In summary, a static screen works by utilizing a curved, slotted wire screen to separate solid particles from liquid in a mixture. The curved design, combined with gravity, allows for effective dewatering and solid-liquid separation in various industrial processes.