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What is a DSM screen?

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Update time : 2023-11-10 13:57:28
A DSM screen, or a sieve bend screen or rundown screen, is constructed from wedge wire and support rods. It serves as an economical and practical wedge wire screen for solid-liquid separation.

The DSM screen is designed for water treatment applications in various industrial filtration settings, including coal mining industries, wastewater plants, food and beverage processing, sugar mills, and paper processing.

We can offer various DSM screens suitable for most Hydro Sieve brands and models. Meanwhile, we can also custom-design wedge wire screens for most industrial filtration applications. Contact us or email us at :[email protected] today.

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Features of DSM Screens

1. Wedge Wire Construction and Stainless Steel Material
The screens are primarily constructed using stainless steel wedge wire screens, a durable and corrosion-resistant material. This design enhances the screen's longevity and makes it withstand the harsh conditions commonly encountered in industrial processes.

2. Precise Opening Size
The wedge wire configuration allows for precise control over the opening size of the screen. This feature is crucial for achieving accurate and efficient separation of solid particles from liquids, ensuring the desired level of filtration.

3. Customizable Design
DSM screens are often customizable to meet the specific requirements of different applications. 

4. Efficient Solid-Liquid Separation
One of the primary purposes of the screens is to facilitate effective solid-liquid separation. The design ensures that solid particles are efficiently retained while allowing liquids to pass through, maintaining the integrity of the filtration process.

5. Low Maintenance Requirements
The robust construction of DSM screens often translates to low maintenance needs. This feature is advantageous for industries seeking cost-effective and efficient filtration solutions with minimal downtime.
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