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Paper & Pulp Mill Screen

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Update time : 2020-07-13 15:06:05
Screening equipment is an important operational system for pulp & paper processing. After separation of the black liquor from the fiber in the washing section the pulp contains coarser fibers, foreign matter, and dirt as pieces of bark, digester brick, cement, etc. Hence this unwanted and troublesome matter should be removed to produce first quality pulp. Pulp screening equipment is applied in this regard.

The screening equipment works basis on vibrating, shaking, gravity centrifugal, and centripetal forces.

Paper Pulp Mill Screen
Paper & Pulp Mill Screen selection is a significant matter. All type of screen is not suitable for all kinds of fiber. To choose a screen it should be considered the kind of fiber, cost, and repair, power consumption, efficiency, capacity, space required, etc.

There are various factor that effects on screening performance such as stock consistency, type of fiber, type and size of holes, type of plate cleaning mechanism, level of coarse fiber and foreign matter, rejection rate, flow configuration, flow rate, stock temperature etc.

The diameter of the pulp screening equipment holes is another important variable for screening performance. 

China Hebei Yuanlv developed wedge wire Paper & Pulp Mill Screen to satisfy all requirements for mill filtration and similar processes. Pulp, paper, and recycling industries use our screens and other equipment for water clarification, cleaning, dewatering, pulp screening and fractionation, fiber retention, drying and other liquid/solid separation processes.

In addition, we offer a wide range of filtration and other liquid/solid separation products to assist you with all your process needs.

Paper Pulp Mill Screen