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Rotary drum screen--A key to successful wastewater filtration

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Update time : 2022-07-04 15:48:05

Rotary drum screen--A key to successful wastewater filtration

The rotary drum screen or rotary filter screen is part of the equipment usually found in municipal and industrial water treatment processes. This is the second pre-treatment process used in wastewater treatment plants after screening. It is generally placed upstream of the system, i.e. at the discharge of the pumping station which is in charge of collecting the wastewater to remove suspended solids from raw wastewater.

In addition, the sifter can collect mechanically fine and coarse debris. This way, the waste will not be mixed with mud and will not interfere with the downstream process.

The purpose of the rotary drum filter screen is to sort out various fine and coarse matters. The rotary drum screen ensures a fine screening based on the mesh size. 


Basically, all rotary drum screens have similar features:
Easy to operate
Screening: a rotary drum screen use for solid/liquid separation. The finer the mesh, the more effective the separation. 
Securing the downstream process

Such as the Solid/liquid separation for the food industry:
meat processing factories
fast food
Viticultural and vinicultural effluents,
fish industry
potato processing
canning factories
animal feeding

Or in many activities:
Wastewater pretreatment for municipal and industrial wastewater
Storm overflow collection
Wastewater treatment with high content of solids including fibers, wool, feathers, and films.
Effluents from paper mills
The textile industry like dyeing, bleaching, etc…
The chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Screening and rotary drum screen is a very good idea to test its efficiency on your process.
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