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The tightness of the stainless steel wedge wire screen should be adjusted in time

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Update time : 2019-12-26 14:01:49
Stainless steel wedge wire screen is processed by using 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 310, 310s and other metal wires. The surface is smooth, non-rusty, corrosion-resistant, hygienic and environmentally friendly.
The following is the correct use of stainless steel wedge wire screen:
1. Replacement should be reasonable. When choosing a stainless steel wedge wire screen, some people do not pay attention to the model or specifications, and even a group of stainless steel screens of different lengths or different old and new. In this way, the tightness of the stainless steel screens must also be different, and they will be broken by each. Therefore, when replacing stainless steel screens, replace them in groups. Never add or remove a stainless steel screen at will. If a stainless steel screen is used to transmit power, it will obviously break it quickly, and at the same time reduce the engine utilization.

2. It should be correct. When disassembling and installing stainless steel wedge wire screens, some people not only pry the stainless steel screens improperly but also use improper tools. Tools such as blades or sharp edges will scratch or scratch the stainless steel screens. Imprint, so that when the stainless steel screen is running at high speed, the crack will gradually expand and break. Analyze the purpose and use method of the stainless steel screen belt.
3. Avoid oil and water pollution, and oil and water on the stainless steel sieve screen in the sun, which will not only affect its transmission performance, increase sliding, reduce transmission efficiency, but also make it deteriorate and shorten the service life over time. Therefore, it should be used in use. To prevent the stainless steel wedge wire screen from being stained with oil or mud, clean the mud in the tape wheel groove frequently, and avoid the sun as much as possible to prevent the tape from aging.
4. It is necessary to adjust the tightness of the stainless steel wedge wire screen in time. If the stainless steel screen is too loose, it will cause slippage and cannot transmit power well; if the stainless steel screen is too tight, it will increase the power loss of the engine and cause the stainless steel screen to wear out early. In order to use the stainless steel screen reasonably, people also have a specific requirement for the tightness of the stainless steel screen, that is, it is often appropriate that the middle of the stainless steel screen is pressed by four fingers to be about 20 mm vertically.

5. During installation, the output shaft of the conveyor and the input shaft of the transmission box should be kept parallel. The position of the conveyor on the rack can be adjusted to solve the problem, and the stainless steel wedge wire screen installation position should be perpendicular to the stainless steel screen wheel, because the stainless steel screen The net drive relies on its two sides to transmit power, and its life can be extended if it is installed correctly.