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Water Recycling Screens
Water recycling has a positive impact on the environment, it is also a big cost saving for businesses.  Water recycling screens (wedge wire panels) are a cost effective, self-cleaning solution to water recycling issues. Whether your aim is to reuse wastewater to lower your consumption of water due to cost or to reduce the environmental impact, we work closely with our customers ensuring your needs are met.

Benefits of using wedge wire for dewatering:
Durable and heavy duty even with small apertures
Apertures from 0.1mm upwards
Cost effective

Industries using wedge wire screens include:
Industrial wash bays and plants
Facilities which have access to sewerage have to comply to waste regulations or may need to reduce sewerage fees. Our wedge wire screens are effective at dewatering removing solids, in addition extremely durable and remove the finest of particles. Because screens are non mechanical, the chance of downtime is reduced significantly and therefore makes wedge wire screens the most cost effective option.

Rainwater harvesting is increasing popular. It’s collected, filtered, pumped and stored in a tank, the water is then reused for washing, cleaning, irrigation and other livestock requirements. Therefore giving customers extensive savings on water bills and helping the environment. Our wedge wire screens are used as a filter in the initial collection of the rainwater, they’re durable for all weather conditions and filter finer debris.

Road and footpath sweepers
The road sweeper is designed to lift everything in its path, stones, paper, rubbish etc. The old style of filter system used woven wire or perforated plate, this was flawed as it would constantly clog, making the screens ineffective. Now, with the self-cleaning properties of our wedge wire screens it allows the sweeper to recycle the dirty water, enabling it to reuse the water instead of needing to refill the tank with clean water.