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What Is The Purpose of A False Bottom In A Mash Tun?

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Update time : 2023-10-27 11:39:02
The stainless steel false bottom installed at the bottom of a mash tun is an essential piece of equipment in the brewing process. The false bottom screen enhances brewing efficiency, clarity, and flavor.

Understanding Mash Tun False Bottom

A mash tun false bottom is a device used in the brewing process to separate the solids from the liquids during mashing. The false bottom is placed at the bottom of the mash tun, which is a vessel used to mix and steep grains in water to extract their sugars and flavor compounds.

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The purpose of a false bottom in a mash tun

The false bottom in the mash tun is used in the brewing process to separate the solids from the liquids during mashing. The purpose of a false bottom is to allow the liquid portion of the mash, which contains the fermentable sugars, to flow through and exit the mash tun, while the solids, such as grain husks and particles, remain in the tun. This helps to ensure that the mash is properly mixed and that the sugars are extracted from the grains efficiently.
The process is just like this:
1. As the liquid is drained from the mash tun, the grain solids are collected on top of the false bottom screen, while the liquid passes through the holes and is collected in a separate container.
2. By preventing the grain solids from entering the wort, the wedge wire false bottom ensures that the enzymes in the malt can convert the starches into fermentable sugars more effectively. 

stainless steel false bottom for brewing
The false bottom can be installed in different ways depending on the specific design of the mash tun and the brewing process being used. Some common designs include a removable false bottom that can be lifted out of the mash tun for cleaning or a fixed false bottom that is integrated into the mash tun and cannot be removed.

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