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What Is the False Bottom in A Lauter Tun?

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Update time : 2024-02-23 14:56:09
The lauter tun is a vessel utilized in the mashing process of brewing beer, specifically for separating the liquid wort from the solid grain material. This pivotal piece of equipment plays a significant role in ensuring efficiency and quality throughout the brewing process. Within the brewing realm, particularly in the process of lautering, the false bottom in a lauter tun emerges as an indispensable element.

We can custom design various types and sizes of false bottoms for lauter tuns used in beer brewing. These are typically constructed from food-grade stainless steel and wedge wire screens.

Through the following points, we understand what the false bottom is in Lauter tun

1. Understanding the Lauter Tun False Bottom

A lauter tun false bottom, also known as a lauter tun screen, is a perforated plate or screen located at the bottom of the lauter tun. It serves as a filter to separate the liquid wort from the spent grain during lautering. The false bottom typically consists of either stainless steel or plastic, and its design includes numerous small holes or slots, allowing the wort to flow through while retaining the grain bed above it.

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2. Functionality in Lautering of the Lauter Tun False Bottom

During the lautering process, the milled grains are mixed with hot water in the mash tun to convert starches into fermentable sugars. Once this conversion, known as mashing, is complete, the next step is to separate the liquid wort from the grain husks and other solid materials. This is where the false bottom comes into play.

As the mash is transferred into the lauter tun, the false bottom provides a stable surface for the grain bed to rest upon. As the wort is drained from the bottom of the tun, it passes through the false bottom, leaving the spent grain behind. The false bottom ensures that only the clear liquid wort passes through, preventing the grain from clogging the drainage system.

False Bottoms Screens for Grain Brewing


3. Benefits of Lauter Tun False Bottom for Beer Brewing

▪ Efficiency: By providing a stable filtering surface, the false bottom facilitates the efficient separation of wort from grain, ensuring maximum extraction of fermentable sugars.
▪ Consistency: It helps to maintain a consistent flow of wort, which is crucial for achieving desired brewing outcomes such as flavor, color, and alcohol content.
▪ Prevention of Stuck Mashes: The false bottom design prevents grain particles from clogging the drainage system, reducing the likelihood of stuck mashes and enabling smoother lautering processes.
▪ Ease of Cleaning: False bottoms are designed to be easily removable, making cleaning and maintenance of the lauter tun simpler and more convenient.


The false bottom in a lauter tun's ability to efficiently separate wort from spent grain, while ensuring consistency and preventing clogging, makes it an indispensable tool for brewers worldwide.